Hireproof helps companies conduct amazing job interviews.

Job interviewing is hard, takes a lot of time, often leads to biased decisions, and most people are not very good at it. We offer a science-backed, simple, and fun way to manage and conduct job interviews, packaged in a B2B SaaS solution.

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Why work with us?


Everyone will be an owner. We want to offer a slice of the company for everyone taking the leap and joining us at this early stage.


We're building a 100% remote company. Match work with your lifestyle - like one of our founders does by working from his summer cottage.


We're our goofy selves. And (we at least like to think that) we're fun to work with!

"Hiring is the most important people function you have, and most of us aren’t as good at it as we think. Refocusing your resources on hiring better will have a higher return than almost any training program you can develop." — Laszlo Bock, former Google SVP of People Operations

Last updated: July 23, 2021